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EVAN App Revamp Gives IT Directors More Time to Be Strategic New Features Provide IT Departments More Freedom to Create Value HOUSTON, TX – EVAN, the on-demand platform for solving IT problems, announced the launch of its newest advancements within its app. The latest upgrades — accessed on the web and through EVAN clients’ intranet — allow for a hybrid Read More
We are excited to announce the release of our FREE Cybersecurity Handbook! Designed for growing business owners, this resource will help you understand what cybersecurity means, why it matters, and how to protect your business. Growing businesses are becoming increasingly easy targets for cybercriminals. With technological advancements right and left, hackers are gaining new opportunities for malicious activity that most Read More
Due to the recent government shutdown, agencies responsible for repelling cyberattacks at a national level are inactive. The shutdown could not have come at a worse time as tax season is approaching. Nation-state and gang-related cybercriminals have moved into high gear to take advantage of this double whammy. EVAN’s clients have reported a marked increase in brute-force attacks, as well Read More
An unfortunate part of computer ownership always seems to be maintenance required to keep things feeling as fresh and as fast as the day you brought it home. Even with the improvements in speed and stability offered by modern hardware, computers do tend to slow down over time. A fresh installation of your operating system can clear up common errors Read More
Earlier this week,  Mary Critelli and I presented a webinar entitled “Getting IT Right For Your Growing Business” and received tremendous questions from the participants that we would like to share in this post. If you happened to miss the live broadcast, you can catch up by visiting our YouTube page here. You mentioned to always get the warranty. Where Read More
Questions and answers from this session are posted here. You can’t run a business without IT, and most business owners take a more traditional approach to IT support because they don’t know their other options. However, full-time IT can cost a fortune, and having one or two people on call for every IT need isn’t reliable. In this webinar for Read More

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