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Microsoft recently announced a major improvement to Windows Defender that you can take advantage of now to start getting the most out of one of the most complete virus and malware solutions available to Windows 10 users. Why Windows Defender? EVAN has long recommended Windows Defender as the best anti-virus and anti-malware option available to small business and home users. Read More
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One year ago we officially launched EVAN. We knew the application wasn’t perfect and we didn’t have every detail figured out, but here we are a year later, living our mission of helping small businesses receive on-demand, non-traditional IT support. It has been a fun exercise for me to look back and see how far we’ve come. You might not Read More
Welcome to the world where nanny cams rotate around the room by themselves, voice-controlled devices are calling people at random, and smart lights will turn on and off unexpectedly. These situations are what smart-home nightmares are made of and make people second guess the advantages of the internet-of-things (IoT). The good news? A smart home can be secured from hacking Read More
As a Texas resident, my fellow Texans aren’t surprised when I’m craving a burger while on a time crunch and I head to the nearest Whataburger. There are locations all over the place so I never have to drive far, and I always get a decent burger within minutes. It’s not the best burger I’ve ever eaten, (shout-out to The Read More
Companies of all sizes who use Microsoft products have the potential of being notified of a voluntary “Software Asset Management (SAM) Inventory Engagement.” Microsoft hires third-party providers to perform these reviews and accounts are picked at random or because someone reported the use of pirated software. You should consider this an audit in disguise and know that it may serve Read More
The short answer to this question is probably no one. We’ll get into why below, but first, some background. Last week, Microsoft released Office 2019 for Windows and Mac to commercial users. This is the first release with a year designation since Office 2016 and its consumer version became available for purchase on October 2, 2018. These are the versions Read More