Google Chrome Slow to Load? A Quick Fix!

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Google Chrome is not perfect, but it remains our EVAN recommended browser because it is one of the fastest, most flexible, and secure options available. Unfortunately, a bug related to Chrome’s Cleanup Tool (CCT) was recently detected that may result in very slow load times for some users, especially those with a large download history.

This bug made the CCT a bit overzealous and caused it to scan every file from the download history for viruses each time you launched Chrome. The following steps will prevent this without actually deleting any of your downloaded files:

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Type chrome://downloads into the address bar and press enter
  3. Click the  button in the top right and select the “Clear all” option

Unless you download a large number of files each day and notice additional slow starts, you should not have to perform these steps more than once. A permanent fix is expected from Google shortly and will be delivered to all Chrome users automatically.


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