IT Myths: Managed Services Offer Complete Protection

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Many companies engage an IT service company or “Managed Service Provider” to provide support.  The Managed Service Provider’s first step is locking down the environment with monitoring software that controls when updates are applied.  That way, they appear to be continuously adding value.

The monitoring supposedly creates a safe and stable environment.   First, the monitoring software is equivalent to having a security camera in your living room.  The security camera doesn’t stop the thief who already broke in. Similarly, the monitoring software doesn’t stop the hacker from accessing your computer and capturing private information.  Worse, the monitoring software slows down the computing environment and inhibits productivity.  Finally, if you think the monitoring software will stop your employees from goofing off on the computer, they will just goof off on their smart phone.

Second, locking a computer from updates is asking for trouble.  For example, many of the Windows updates are released immediately in response to a hacking vulnerability.   Why would a company not want Windows updates to be automatically installed on everyone’s computer?  The companies who wait for the Managed Service Providers to respond are the prime targets for hackers.

What does this mean for Small Businesses? Small business should not buy into to monitoring software or locking down computers. This merely slows every computer and wastes everyone’s time.   At EVAN Your IT Guy, solving a computer problem can be solved immediately without monitoring software.  EVANs also make sure your computer is up to date and has the proper settings for virus protection and important updates during every call.  EVAN Your IT Guy’s goal is to get you back to doing what is important as fast as possible.

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