Skype for Business—A Quick How-to

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If your business subscribes to Office 365, you have likely incorporated Skype for Business into your day-to-day. It works great to arrange conference calls, share your screen for presentations, send quick messages, and keep an eye on your colleagues’ availability.

All the while, Microsoft still maintains the original Skype product (dark blue logo) which can be downloaded for free. This is where you probably still talk to old friends and your Grandpa Gene, but because it’s free, it could also be used by some of your clients or people in your networking circles.

It’s not entirely obvious in the way Skype for Business is presented, but the good news is that you are not stuck with installing both versions of Skype to communicate with those users.

By clicking the button at the top right of your contacts list, you can add users from either version of Skype, inside and outside of your organization:

These users can still be sorted and placed in groups among your other contacts, so maybe you’ll remember to check in with Grandpa Gene on your next lunch break?


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