SSDs – Now is the Time to Upgrade

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If you are often asking your computer to work faster or feel that it cannot keep up with you, it may be time to evaluate a hardware upgrade in the form of a Solid-State Drive (SSD) to replace the slow, mechanical hard drive your computer likely came with.

Generally, modern PC processors and RAM (less than 5 years old) have a much longer tolerable performance lifespan, but mechanical hard drives simply cannot keep up with today’s workloads and the speeds we expect from our devices.

What are the benefits?

  • Resilence – SSDs do not have multiple high speed moving platters that are very susceptible to failure the longer they operate. They can simply wear out, become misaligned, and often do not survive hard bumps or falls – obviously important in the case of laptops.
  • High speeds – Perhaps the most important factor in day-to-day use, SSDs are simply far faster in every regard compared to their mechanical counterparts. Read and write speeds can easily be 10 times higher in certain
  • Noise, power, and heat – Because they have no moving parts, SSDs do not have the annoying by-products of operating loudly, producing as much heat, nor drawing as much power. Again, very helpful in laptop operation.

Why now?

  • Price decreases – NAND Flash (the memory units used in SSDs) is now globally oversupplied which forces manufacturers to reduce prices and clear out their stock. DRAMExchange is predicting an additional 10% drop in price over the upcoming months on top of the discounts already being applied.
  • Size increases – As prices have decreased, SSDs have simultaneously doubled in size at prior price points. Adequate (and beyond) sizes for most users are now offered for less than $100.
  • You can DIY – With some simple preparation to make sure your data is backed up and a flash drive with your Operating System on it, you can replace or even add an SSD to your system quite easily.

If you are evaluating replacing your hardware, consider the above first. If it is time to move on from your current hardware or you are adding new systems to your workforce, EVAN recommends that SSDs be considered a must-have!

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