VPNFilter Malware—Is Your Router Infected?

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The now notorious malware, VPNFilter, continues to infect routers all over the world. Originally reported to only affect dozens of consumer router models, Cisco’s research team, Talos, is now reporting as many as 75 impacted models—double what was last reported.

What Can I Do About It?

  1. Read our prior coverage of VPNFilter here to get acquainted with how to begin securing your home and business networks.
  2. Use the online tool provided by Symantec by clicking the green button below. This quick test is free, doesn’t require any downloads, and looks for key components of the malware instantly.

What Do I Do If My Router Is Infected?

  • You will need to consult with your router documentation, or EVAN, to begin a hard reset.
    • This process of restoring and erasing your router’s firmware is the only way to remove the malware and prevent it from spreading.
  • Once reset:
    • Change the administrator password
    • Apply all firmware updates
    • Reconfigure wireless settings


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